Thursday, March 1, 2012

Recently Enjoyed

Here I am, 1134pm at night just finishing up some orders from my Etsy account and writing some blogs. I am actually not that tired but I know in the morning I will be. I am so thankful I started to sponsor other blogs because it has really helped my blog grow and for me to find some amazing other blogs. 

Sorry there has been a lack in posting. It gets hectic and then I just don't have time or I am just too exhausted. I know Im sorry. Well here is how are weekend went:
1. Driving to Breakfast 2. Self Portrait :) 3. Beer (Stella Artois) at the swap meet 4. Again Driving lol
5. Out with friends to lunch (the boys were matching) 6. The boys matching and the pushing the babies 7. Bike ride to central park 8. Rea fell asleep on the bike ride in her ibert seat. Poor thing

xoxoxo Nicole

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