Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Recently Enjoyed: March = BUSY

Left to right: Reagan cuddling while sleeping with mommy. These are the times I really cherish because they are limited. Girl Scout Cookies are back!!! WOOHOO. Reagan playing the piano with daddy. She loves her music. Jason and I messing around in the kitchen while baking. Drinking a WHOLE bottle of pink sparkling wine really makes baking a lot of fun! Then I tempted to make brownie cake pops for Jason's cousin bridal shower but it did not go as planned. I cursed it to hell and back and was not very nice screaming at the melted chocolate that harden as I was trying to use it. I am usually a good baker but these are not just something you can "whip" up. They really take time to master how to make them. But NEVER again will I make them. It was bad! lol Only 4 out of 24 made it.'

This month is super busy for us! This coming weekend we have a scentsy party, wedding and birthday party. My sister, niece, nephew and her bf just flew in today from Alaska! J's family fly in from Ohio tomorrow then leave to Vegas on Thursday with his parents. So jealous I can't make the Vegas trip! Next weekend we will be in Santa Barabra visiting with my sister. Thats where her bf (Jesse) mom lives. Since it is 2 hours away and with gas prices we are just going to stay up there for the weekend. Then the last weekend of the month is our friends daughter's first birthday! and  between all of this I am making new items for my store on Etsy and hooking up with some talented amazing photographers to make tutu photo props for them which I am super excited for and filling orders in between while working my 9-5 and blogging! Wow just blogging it makes me exhausted lol

Well I am off to bed!!!!! Goodnight!

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Also my website is up and running. I will be adding more professional pictures very soon.

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