Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crazy weekend + WINNER{S}

Okay so it was a very hectic weekend! I apologize I didnt have time to announce my giveaway winner!! We had a birthday party and wedding to go to! And I was not prepared for either of them. It was so much fun to dress up for the wedding and go out and have a great time with family. It was open bar for the cocktail time and it was pure amazing lol. I have never been to a wedding with an open bar and it is by far my favorite wedding. The bride and groom looked stunning and it was just all in all a great night. They had there wedding at 6pm on the beach in Long Beach. It was a tad (understatement) cold but so worth it. Reagan and daddy got all dressed up and so did I.

Then came the birthday party. We were running late because of the damn time change. Totally thought it was 11:15am when realistically it was 1215pm! and the party started at 1pm kinda far away. But it all worked out and I made the birthday girl, who was turning 1 her birthday outfit! She looked so stinkin cute! See pictures below for both events!!

And the winner{s} of the giveaway are the 2 AMAZING ladies who actually entered! Thank you for reading my blog and following us on Facebook. It really means a lot to me! SO send me an email at reaganscloset@gmail.com so we can discuss sizing. You have 48 hours to claim your prizes! :)

xoxoxo Nicole

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Links I love

Once a month they have Blog Brunch on twitter and I totally missed it due to a teething baby. Theres  always next month! Its awesome to meet up with other bloggers!

Ashley is opened her new shop and has adorable items in it! Enter her giveaway for a chance to win some adorable things! I love her decals and prints.

I would love to make one of these! Just need to find the time.

She made a really cute apron! Cant wait till she posts about how she made it. I have been dieing to make one. Just scared of patterns.

This lovely momma always makes the healthiest food for her child! It looks so yummy! I wish I had more time to do this for Reagan, or energy!

Enjoy my links of love! I really enjoy reading this ladies blogs :)

Xoxoxo Nicole

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Recently Enjoyed: March = BUSY

Left to right: Reagan cuddling while sleeping with mommy. These are the times I really cherish because they are limited. Girl Scout Cookies are back!!! WOOHOO. Reagan playing the piano with daddy. She loves her music. Jason and I messing around in the kitchen while baking. Drinking a WHOLE bottle of pink sparkling wine really makes baking a lot of fun! Then I tempted to make brownie cake pops for Jason's cousin bridal shower but it did not go as planned. I cursed it to hell and back and was not very nice screaming at the melted chocolate that harden as I was trying to use it. I am usually a good baker but these are not just something you can "whip" up. They really take time to master how to make them. But NEVER again will I make them. It was bad! lol Only 4 out of 24 made it.'

This month is super busy for us! This coming weekend we have a scentsy party, wedding and birthday party. My sister, niece, nephew and her bf just flew in today from Alaska! J's family fly in from Ohio tomorrow then leave to Vegas on Thursday with his parents. So jealous I can't make the Vegas trip! Next weekend we will be in Santa Barabra visiting with my sister. Thats where her bf (Jesse) mom lives. Since it is 2 hours away and with gas prices we are just going to stay up there for the weekend. Then the last weekend of the month is our friends daughter's first birthday! and  between all of this I am making new items for my store on Etsy and hooking up with some talented amazing photographers to make tutu photo props for them which I am super excited for and filling orders in between while working my 9-5 and blogging! Wow just blogging it makes me exhausted lol

Well I am off to bed!!!!! Goodnight!

Don't forget to check out the giveaway I am having! :)

Also my website is up and running. I will be adding more professional pictures very soon.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Like I mentioned on my Twitter & Facebook page I said I was going to have my very FIRST giveaway this week! Well after my last post, (kinda depressing and heavy) I figured this was the best time to do it! So it is going to be things from my store on Etsy! I have this inventory and I need to make room for the new stuff I am creating so I figured this was a great way to do it! Then I can connect with my readers and customers & and have fun things for them! :) Also I will throw in a NEW item that I am creating this weekend! Tell all your friends who have children or have little ones in their lives too! So here are the rules:

Rules for "First Giveaway":

  1. Must like Reagan's Closet on Facebook
  2. Must be a follower on this blog
  3. Comment on here after you have done both
  4. You can leave one comment for Facebook and one comment for the blog - (double your chances of winning!) When commenting don't forget to leave an email address so I can reach you!

Then I will pick the winner at random, this will last until Friday March 9, 2012. So it gives everyone plenty of time to enter! Good luck!


She had to be held while I got ready for work lol

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Friday, March 2, 2012

where do I go...

Where do I go from here? I basically feel like I am broken on the floor and people are just kicking me while I am down. I really would love to crawl into a hole and not come out for awhile. But sadly I can not do that because I have to stay strong for my family unit. I feel like this is God/universe punishing me for A) having a baby out of wedlock and B) living un-married. When I feel like I am finally in control of my life and I am on top of things something comes in and knocks me down. 

So i received a text from my mom saying I received mail at her house and it is from a lawyer in North Carolina.
**So a tad of a background story: I was married back in 08' and we got separated 5 months later. We were high school sweethearts and he joined the Marines, and we got stationed in Jacksonville, NC. We bought our first home there and life was great for, 5 months. It turned for the worse when he would rather go gamble from 6:00pm to 6:00am without a single phone call or text to me; his wife, saying he was alright or where the hell he was! I would wake up in a cold sweat because I wouldn't feel him in bed next to me. And to top it all off he would go to our neighbors house (his best friend in the Marines, yes they bought the house right next to us!) and drink or play xbox till I had work at noon. You could clearly tell he didnt love me anymore, let alone be married to me. Finally the last straw for myself was when he slammed the door in my face while I was trying to walk into the bedroom, my fingers where in the door frame and he broke my wedding ring FINGER and the door indented my pinky and middle finger of my left hand. It was the most pain (at the time) I had ever been through. From someone I trusted and loved. So when I left him and drove the 22 hours to my moms house in Texas I left him everything. He paid me a few months alimony so I could get on my feet and I took myself off the deed of the house and that was that.**

Fast forward almost 4 years and here I am receiving this letter to my surprise about foreclosure on the house in NC. Well to my surprise why would they be contacting me? I left everything to my ex. Its in our separation agreement (we still aren't fully divorced) and he has been paying the mortgage. I was only supposed to be on the deed of the house not the loan also. So I am almost in tears at work. Even though I work in a lawyers office I didnt want to ask my office for help since A) I just started and B) thats not very professional right? You know the saying, leave work at work and home at home. Well anyways it came up because I am horrible at hiding my feelings and they knew something was wrong. I broke down and told my boss, who comes to find out is a  real estate lawyer. He made me feel a little bit better saying he will take care of it for me.

But after reading the letter and not just the bits and pieces of what my mom said I am starting to freak out again. SO if I am on the loan and we defaulted then it is going to ruin my credit score after it took me 5 years to clean it up from medical bills. Then when I am old enough to afford a house in California they are going to see it on my record and that just screws it up all right there and I am going to have foreclosure on my record as well. I am trying so hard to put on a front to stay positive and happy but deep down I am freaking out. I want to scream at my ex husband! Doesn't he know this is affecting me until our divorce is finalized! Why didnt he ask if I could take over the payments and house?!!? Why why why why.... Thats all that keeps running through my mind.

Why is one shit storm after another? I don't want pity or anything like that, I am just so frustrated, hurt, pissed, and a million other feelings.

Well I am going to hope my boss can help me and hopefully my credit doesn't go to crap.

Starting NEXT Friday I am going to start a segment called "Fabulous Friday" so stay tuned!

xoxoxoxo Nicole

p.s. if you got this far, you are awesome!!! thank you for the support!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Recently Enjoyed

Here I am, 1134pm at night just finishing up some orders from my Etsy account and writing some blogs. I am actually not that tired but I know in the morning I will be. I am so thankful I started to sponsor other blogs because it has really helped my blog grow and for me to find some amazing other blogs. 

Sorry there has been a lack in posting. It gets hectic and then I just don't have time or I am just too exhausted. I know Im sorry. Well here is how are weekend went:
1. Driving to Breakfast 2. Self Portrait :) 3. Beer (Stella Artois) at the swap meet 4. Again Driving lol
5. Out with friends to lunch (the boys were matching) 6. The boys matching and the pushing the babies 7. Bike ride to central park 8. Rea fell asleep on the bike ride in her ibert seat. Poor thing

xoxoxo Nicole