Tuesday, February 21, 2012

writers block.....

So I feel like I have had writers block for days. I will be sitting at my desk at work and think "oh I need to blog that" or "that is a great thing to blog about" usually something that has happened at work or at home with the baby and so forth. But then I read the other girls blogs and the way they write and have photos and so put together then I go and draw a HUGE ______________ (blank).  I really do have fun, important things to talk about and a lot has been going on in my life but I just don't know how to execute it on "paper" so you can say. Plus I never feel like I have time to blog. 

My Schedule:

5:15am - Alarms goes off - hit snooze
5:20am - Alarm goes off - hit dismiss
5:30am - Reagan wakes up (lately with a soaking diaper)
6:00am - Crawl back into bed with Rea and Daddy
6:15am - Rea is crawling and clapping all over Mommy and Daddy
6:16am - I AM UP! (hehe)

Put Reagan in her highchair feed her breakfast, make coffee, and eat breakfast also.

7:15am - Get ready for work
7:45am - Get Reagan ready for daycare
8:00am - Get out the door with baby, coffee & 3 bags in my hand (all in balancing)
8:15am - Drop off Reagan with babysitter
8:25am - Stop at Starbuck to wake up
8:35am - Drive to work
9:00am - Arrive at work and start my day there
12:00pm - Take 30 minute lunch
12:30pm - Go back to work
5:30pm - Get off work and head home
6:00pm - Get home and get greeted by Daddy & Reagan
6:15pm - Feed Reagan dinner
7:00pm - Daddy and Mommy eat dinner (sometimes its earlier)
7:15pm - Clean up baby and get ready for bedtime (brush teeth, diaper, bedtime clothes & story & prayer)
8:00pm - Crawl into bed and pass out!

So I can technically blog at 800pm but I feel so drained and so out of it I usually forget what I was going to blog about. (i.e.; Prime Example)

So therefore I read a few blogs and then go to bed. Sometimes I just go straight to bed.

Well it is 36 minutes past my 800pm bedtime. SO I am going to end it on this. I will soon figure out how all you amazing women do it but before then I am trying my best to stay updated in this blog world. It is a lot harder then I expected. (not bitching, complaning, ranting, etc...)

Goodnight Blog World!

xoxoxoxxo Nicole

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