Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: 10 Months!

Dear Reagan,

You are almost ten months old! (well technically Thursday..shhh) You have always been a fast learner and head on everything you do. You stand up by yourself for a few seconds to minutes. You absolutely love clapping and love music! Especially when someone sings to you, you just get a hoot out of it. Your favorite songs are: twinkle twinkle little star, patty cake, row row your boat, itsy bits spider and plenty more. You always  wake up in a wonderful mood in the mornings even if you didnt sleep very well at night. You blow kisses, give kisses and give hugs. You are shy at daycare but loud and talkative at home. You are on big girl food and some of your favorites are; Spaghetti, Chicken, Corn, Green Beans, Turkey Dogs, Pasta, Eggs, Pancakes, Sausage, Water, and so much more! You are a joy to have and mommy and daddy love you so much! Happy 10 months!!!

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xoxoxox Nicole

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