Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So....what's new?

As I sit here in Burger King eating my lunch I sit and people watch. And i bet your butt people are peiple watching me lol. Since I work in Newport Beach I automatically feel poor. It just comes with the territory of nice cars well dressed people and expensive luxuries. I don't always eat fast food but lately it just has been easy.

So I really enjoy my new job. I feel like it is where I belong. I feel like a colleague not just an employee. It makes me want to strive for more within my company. My boss is already to move myself up in his company and have people under me. Which I am very excited. Of course I am not perfect and made my fair of boo-boos along the way but hey I am human.

My blog app wont add my pictures for some reason. So when I get home tonight I will do a recently enjoyed post.

If you follow me on Twitter then it is usually constantly updated. :) @cutenikki07

Happy Hump' Day !

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