Friday, February 24, 2012

Recently Enjoyed: The Past Week/End

I know I am a little over due for this! But late then never. I try to document we do every weekend but I never want to carry around my big camera so all I have left is my phone which is really decent but I can't figure out how to transfer them to my Mac when I have my USB connected to my phone and Mac at the same time. I can't find my phone when connected. Its so weird and annoying. So there for I have to email every picture to myself, edit, save and upload. Call me lazy but hey it sucks when you don't have a lot of time LOL.  Enjoy!!

(left to right) 1. We got finally got beach bikes! 2. Reagan got new sunglasses, but wouldn't smile LOL 3.  Blank 4. bought the wine cause the name "Wink" ;) 5. Family Picture from us at the park (by far my fav!) 6. Reagan eating lunch with mommy, we had chinese 7. Curled my hair for work (so proud lol) 8. The duck really wanted the bread by Reagan's toes 9. Valentines day we had wine and chocolate covered strawberries, after the power went out on us at dinner. Great V-day<3

xoxoxox Nicole

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