Friday, February 24, 2012

Recently Enjoyed: The Past Week/End

I know I am a little over due for this! But late then never. I try to document we do every weekend but I never want to carry around my big camera so all I have left is my phone which is really decent but I can't figure out how to transfer them to my Mac when I have my USB connected to my phone and Mac at the same time. I can't find my phone when connected. Its so weird and annoying. So there for I have to email every picture to myself, edit, save and upload. Call me lazy but hey it sucks when you don't have a lot of time LOL.  Enjoy!!

(left to right) 1. We got finally got beach bikes! 2. Reagan got new sunglasses, but wouldn't smile LOL 3.  Blank 4. bought the wine cause the name "Wink" ;) 5. Family Picture from us at the park (by far my fav!) 6. Reagan eating lunch with mommy, we had chinese 7. Curled my hair for work (so proud lol) 8. The duck really wanted the bread by Reagan's toes 9. Valentines day we had wine and chocolate covered strawberries, after the power went out on us at dinner. Great V-day<3

xoxoxox Nicole

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Just wanted to tell ya'll I had my first sale on Etsy!!! :)

Okay that was all!

Not Knowing // Fate // Love

Not knowing if I can have another child just makes me want to have another one asap. People call me crazy cause Reagan will be one in April and tell me I shouldn't have them that close together. But people forget or just don't know how hard it is for me to have children. Reagan is my double miracle baby. I didnt know this till AFTER she was born but my levels weren't doubling in the early stages, they actually were doing the opposite and going down. So therefore my doctor at the time was 100% sure I was going to miscarry and so on. But to her surprise (not mine cause I had no idea) a month passed and she had a strong heart beat of 175. Plus I had cervical cancer at 19, they did a lot of in house procedures on my cervix so I technically do not have a full cervix. It is partially gone from all the tests, freezing, lazering and scarping they did. So it is a double whammy for me. 

J and I have not been trying but not preventing since early December 2011. I try not to get my hopes up and know that when the time is right we will have another child. It just makes me anxious when I see other pregnant ladies and I kinda miss being pregnant. J and I do not have any biological children together so with my condition and then not even knowing if he is shooting blanks just rack my nerves even more.

--Side Note: Your probably scratching your head about what I just said not having any biological children together. Trust me I will be writing a whole blog post about that and my birth story. It all comes in time my grass hopper! ;)

Then before we have another one I would like to be in our own place and know that we can do it on our own. We have been spoiled and staying with family but I think soon we need to leave the safety net behind and explore the world together and see what works for us and what doesn't. We both have really good jobs and really awesome families to support us through anything we do!

Reagan was my awesome miracle surprise. Now that I am "trying" it is a whole new ball game. Maybe I shouldn't "try" and let there be another little surprise :) But I am type A personality so that probably will never work hahahaha. I just really hope the universe/God gives us the surprise we want when they think its the right time.

I miss this :/ -- Reagan only hours old

xoxoxox Nicole

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: 10 Months!

Dear Reagan,

You are almost ten months old! (well technically Thursday..shhh) You have always been a fast learner and head on everything you do. You stand up by yourself for a few seconds to minutes. You absolutely love clapping and love music! Especially when someone sings to you, you just get a hoot out of it. Your favorite songs are: twinkle twinkle little star, patty cake, row row your boat, itsy bits spider and plenty more. You always  wake up in a wonderful mood in the mornings even if you didnt sleep very well at night. You blow kisses, give kisses and give hugs. You are shy at daycare but loud and talkative at home. You are on big girl food and some of your favorites are; Spaghetti, Chicken, Corn, Green Beans, Turkey Dogs, Pasta, Eggs, Pancakes, Sausage, Water, and so much more! You are a joy to have and mommy and daddy love you so much! Happy 10 months!!!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

writers block.....

So I feel like I have had writers block for days. I will be sitting at my desk at work and think "oh I need to blog that" or "that is a great thing to blog about" usually something that has happened at work or at home with the baby and so forth. But then I read the other girls blogs and the way they write and have photos and so put together then I go and draw a HUGE ______________ (blank).  I really do have fun, important things to talk about and a lot has been going on in my life but I just don't know how to execute it on "paper" so you can say. Plus I never feel like I have time to blog. 

My Schedule:

5:15am - Alarms goes off - hit snooze
5:20am - Alarm goes off - hit dismiss
5:30am - Reagan wakes up (lately with a soaking diaper)
6:00am - Crawl back into bed with Rea and Daddy
6:15am - Rea is crawling and clapping all over Mommy and Daddy
6:16am - I AM UP! (hehe)

Put Reagan in her highchair feed her breakfast, make coffee, and eat breakfast also.

7:15am - Get ready for work
7:45am - Get Reagan ready for daycare
8:00am - Get out the door with baby, coffee & 3 bags in my hand (all in balancing)
8:15am - Drop off Reagan with babysitter
8:25am - Stop at Starbuck to wake up
8:35am - Drive to work
9:00am - Arrive at work and start my day there
12:00pm - Take 30 minute lunch
12:30pm - Go back to work
5:30pm - Get off work and head home
6:00pm - Get home and get greeted by Daddy & Reagan
6:15pm - Feed Reagan dinner
7:00pm - Daddy and Mommy eat dinner (sometimes its earlier)
7:15pm - Clean up baby and get ready for bedtime (brush teeth, diaper, bedtime clothes & story & prayer)
8:00pm - Crawl into bed and pass out!

So I can technically blog at 800pm but I feel so drained and so out of it I usually forget what I was going to blog about. (i.e.; Prime Example)

So therefore I read a few blogs and then go to bed. Sometimes I just go straight to bed.

Well it is 36 minutes past my 800pm bedtime. SO I am going to end it on this. I will soon figure out how all you amazing women do it but before then I am trying my best to stay updated in this blog world. It is a lot harder then I expected. (not bitching, complaning, ranting, etc...)

Goodnight Blog World!

xoxoxoxxo Nicole

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Losing Faith.....

I don't even know what to title this post. I have a heavy heart right now. Nothing I seem to do is good enough or right or anything. Just keeping my mouth shut is what is moving myself along through the day, weeks and months. But you see i am not the quite type or the type to feel out of control. I have to talk through most things and find a solution. I know type a typical. Well i feel like i have lost my voice. Or i really dont have one anymore. I feel like i am asking someone for the moo when i am just asking for happiness and happiness in the relationship with that person.

Well i hope everything does happen for a reason. Im slowly losing faith
In this situation I am in. Crying just does nothing for me anymore.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Recently Enjoyed.....

Just wanted to say a quick hello and I am trying to find the balance with working and blogging! I am still trying to find it haha. I think writing a few blogs at night and have them set for the week is what I am going to have to do it that way. 

Thanks for sticking it out with me and soon I will be writing more! I have lots on my mind and cute ideas for my blog! Plus I miss linking up with the other fabulous ladies. I still read blogs on my lunch break, so I am reading yours :)


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So....what's new?

As I sit here in Burger King eating my lunch I sit and people watch. And i bet your butt people are peiple watching me lol. Since I work in Newport Beach I automatically feel poor. It just comes with the territory of nice cars well dressed people and expensive luxuries. I don't always eat fast food but lately it just has been easy.

So I really enjoy my new job. I feel like it is where I belong. I feel like a colleague not just an employee. It makes me want to strive for more within my company. My boss is already to move myself up in his company and have people under me. Which I am very excited. Of course I am not perfect and made my fair of boo-boos along the way but hey I am human.

My blog app wont add my pictures for some reason. So when I get home tonight I will do a recently enjoyed post.

If you follow me on Twitter then it is usually constantly updated. :) @cutenikki07

Happy Hump' Day !

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm here!

Ahhh this week has been crazy wiTh me starting work again and the baby in daycare. (and daycare change ugh) more on that Later

My firsy week is going great and i am ao gkad i made this decision. My boss and the other attorney are laid back and pretty awesome guys! I am super excited to see what opportunities arise from this great position.

Well I am blogging from my phobe so please excuse the shortness And any misspelling lol.

Have a great Thursday ! AlSo i started sponsoring Chelsey over at! love her blog and store :)
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