Saturday, January 28, 2012

Legal What?!

Hello There! So I just wanted to stop by on this lovely Saturday in Southern California to drop a bit of news. Starting monday I will be officially employed as a 'Legal Assistant'! I am super duper thrilled for this opportunity that has endless paths for the future. I love working and I kinda miss it, but I am going to miss spending quality time with Reagan. I have been lucky enough to spend 9 months with her and see plenty of mile stones and achievements which I thank God for everyday. But now it is time for another chapter in my life and going to make a good life for myself and my little family. I am a tad nervous leaving her  and not seeing her everyday but I think it is good for her to have friends at daycare and interact with other children. 

I really felt horrible that I was leaving her and I felt like I almost was abandoning her but I know in the long run she will understand it was for the best for right now. Plenty of women work away from the home and don't have the privilege to really see much of their children. Deep in my heart I know this is what is best and what I need to do. I asked God for guidance and this is where I was led.

Ahhh I can't wait! Happy Saturday!

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