Thursday, January 12, 2012

back and feeling better!

Okay so I am back from being sick and I am still not 100%.. yuck! I just wish this freakin cold would go away. It is like an ex boyfriend who is.....  Oh No! yes my almost 9 month old just erased my whole post! Maybe it was a sign that I need to just write whats a on my mind and thats that.

So I have been finding some really good blogs that I want to read but I just never seem to have time. How do you mommy's or busy ladies make the time? During down times?

Also my little one has decided that she is boycotting nap time. She just climbs on her crib and plays with her snow white. Is this normal at almost 9 months old? It is frustrating because then she is ready for bed at 6pm and thats WAY too early!

Well I am off to get inspiration about blogging by reading other blogs and trying to make new blogging friends!

Happy Thursday!

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