Sunday, December 18, 2011

airplane rides, teeth and Texas!

So we are officially in Texas visiting my Mom and kids! I am so excited to be here and I have missed them so much. 

Reagan did amazing on both plane rides! We left LAX to El Paso and she laughed, giggled and played the whole way. Even with her two bottom teeth coming through! She is such a trooper. Then from El Paso to Austin she slept the whole way. Jason couldn't make it out cause of work (boo) but next time he will defiantly be here! I was a nervous wreck flying alone with her but I read a million blogs from ladies who have done it before and it turned out perfect!

So my Mom and I were driving past some homes that are amazing! They look like the million dollar homes in California. Then she tells me that they are on a 1/2 acre of land, 4 bedrooms and they are only $249,000!!! 
Ugh I think we might be moving out to Texas! I have lived here before and really enjoyed it. And there is no way we would ever be able to buy a home like this in California. They are just too expensive. But Jason has a really good job he has been working out for 11 years, and in Texas he has nothing for work. Once I become an LVN I will be working but still. It makes me a nervous wreck. I will just pray on it and see what God does for us. :)

My Mom is helping me with my eBay stores. She even offered to sell my items on her stores (since she is higher ranked) and then I just make them and mail them out! I am super exited because this will be able to be a way for me to stay home with my children and still have an income. I am so thankful for my family who is amazing. 

Well I am off to list things on eBay and Etsy!! :) Oh and we are off to see Santa today! WOOHOO

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